Packing experience into product!

I’ve read hundreds of blogs, posts and books about business strategy and entrepreneurship. Probably the most important thing in business is that you choose a niche or field you love and have fun to work on. I mean if you start building something just because of the money or to make people admire you, you’ll have a hard time, especially in the long run. Second most important thing is to have a product which you are able to leverage. I will go deeper in to this topic in an other post but in short, if your business is a service you offer you can only offer a limited amount of service. You only have 24 hours every day and that is your limit. A product you create can be sold several times no matter how much time you have.


So i have been blogging about travel for the past years. Due to the special situation and the my decision to diversify my blogging i decided to cover my job and lifestyle because i think i can provide good value to other in this kind of topics.

That was when i tried to produce some lifestyle videos and a first tech review about my new camera. And voila it did pretty well:

According to the Stats Youtube shows me this is already one of my best performing videos. Success!


I am a professional videographer part time employed and part time freelancing. It is a passion of mine and i have some experience i think will provide value to other aspiring filmmakers and videographers. So i decided to create an online course (video and ebook). An online course is a product i can easily leverage with a minimal amount of infrastructure (stock, resources, employees, cars, room, etc.).

But there are several online video courses out there?

When you think the market is already too saturated in a certain field you gotta go deeper into a niche. But deeper into what? into what you are experienced or specialized! For it is Social Media. I mean it is my day job. I am not Tarantino so i can’t teach hollywood film productions but i can teach what it takes to produce effective social media videos.

What do you think? is it a niche where people could be interested in learning through an online course? Do you think it is a good idea to start a online course / ebook business?

video online course

Next Steps

I started with the Index. Why the Index? because it gives me an overview of what i want to cover. While setting up the index i went through a brainstorming process. It helped me structure the topics. It is a red line which will guide me through the creation process. Last but not least it also is a task list to work through.

social media video

The Index and planning is going to happen on google drive, it is a cloud service and means i have it safely stored and i can work on it on the go.

Id love to hear your opinion about this project. I will document the whole journey of this project and hope to offer value and get constructive feedback. Follow me and let us grow together.